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You can now book interpreters or submit files for translation instantly with thebigword


Booking an interpreter is fast, simple and effective through this dedicated Ministry of Justice language services portal.

As you are now able to make bookings through this system, thebigword has provided some best practice advice and tips for how to make the most of a face-to-face interpreter booking.

Book early – Try to give plenty of notice of your booking. For guidance, 24-48 hours is considered short notice.

Book online – Save time by booking an interpreter through the dedicated Ministry of Justice language services portal which is available 24/7.

Provide details – Tell us how to contact you and describe the nature of the appointment so you get exactly what you need.

Be prepared – Provide somewhere for the interpreter to wait away from the person they will be interpreting for and give them a briefing on what will be expected.

Keep control – Tell the interpreter and limited English speaker where to sit and manage the proceedings.

Speak clearly – Make it easy for the interpreter and avoid jargon. Speak directly to the limited English speaker.

Respect culture – Be aware the interpreter or limited English speaker may behave differently or have different expectations because of cultural differences.

Manage time – Keep within your booking time as the interpreter may be needed elsewhere.

Alert us to changes – If the situation changes, let us know immediately via the portal, email or call the Helpdesk on 03333 445 701.

The booking process is simple and please make sure you fill in all the relevant fields, including: full contact details and venue; date of assignment, start and finish times - add extra time to the booking if you expect delays; tell us the language you need support with; and give as many details about the nature of the appointment as possible and include any special instructions.

After an interpreter is assigned, you will receive a booking confirmation and/or timesheet before the appointment. If you don’t receive this or have any further questions, please contact the Helpdesk immediately on 03333 445 701.

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