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You can now book interpreters or submit files for translation instantly with thebigword


The dedicated Ministry of Justice portal for language services is now live and you can now book interpreters, submit files for translation or transcription or find out how to get instant language support with Telephone Interpreting.

The portal has been created for Ministry of Justice staff by our language services provider thebigword and will give you access to intelligent systems that allow you to instantly access language support.

You should have received an email from thebigword providing you with your login details for the system. If you don’t have login details, please contact thebigword Helpdesk on 03333 445 701.

Bookings can now be made through this system, but please be aware that this should only be used for bookings occurring after October 31, 2016 as this is when thebigword will take over the contract to provide our language services.

Included in the portal are two automated systems that enable you to quickly and simply book interpreters or effortlessly submit files for translation or transcription. These systems are thebigword’s interpreting management system, IMS Direct, and the translation and transcription management system, TMS Gateway.

These systems are user friendly and allow you to access the language services you need in a few simple steps. They will then automatically source the expert linguists you need and provide key updates.

IMS direct is fast, simple and available 24/7 to make interpreter bookings or access reports on trends and spends. It is a secure platform, protecting all of your details, and offers complete visibility and control over your interpreter bookings. It also allows you to view all bookings and view a calendar to check future appointments.

The TMS Gateway client portal is the only solution you need for comprehensive management and control of your translation and transcription needs. This is your secure, central platform for account access, submitting translation and transcription projects, getting quotes, tracking progress, managing invoices, viewing reports, providing feedback and receiving and downloading completed projects.

This portal also features training materials, a range of resources that you can download or read online, the latest updates, forums for staff to share opinions and discuss ideas and a live support function that will allow people to speak directly to thebigword’s team of experts.

If you have any problems accessing the system or have any further questions, please contact thebigword Helpdesk on 03333 445 701.

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